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My name is Diana, I am neurodivergent (dyslexia and ADHD) and use she/they pronouns. I'm a long time local to Western, MA. I grew up in Northfield, attended the Greenfield Center School, Greenfield Community College and have been residing in Greenfield For almost 10 years.

I started Honey Hive: Green Cleaning Service as a way to provide more stability and options for myself. Before Honey Hive I was a non traditional college student (neurodivergent and older than traditional students) and finding compatible work that could support me while in school was a challenge. I was feeling overworked, was lacking an adequate wage, and was completely depleted with little energy left for school and what made me happy. I knew something had to change. I wanted good health, time for my education and family, a sense that I was making progress towards my life goals all while not having to choose between basic necessities. With years of professional cleaning under my belt, I knew starting my own company was the best option.


Starting Honey Hive was a way to empower myself and center my well being and passions in life. It is my hope with Honey Hive I can help others do the same. I truly belive that when we center our wellbeing we can offer more to ourselves, our work, our families, our communities and our planet. Sometimes we just need a little help.

My education is on hold, but I am still passionate about environmental conservation, climate change, environmental + social justice, farm and food systems, and sustainable community development. In my free time I love to be with my beagle/chihuahua Daisy, study native plants and herbalism, cook with wild foods, play in the dirt, read self help books and learn how to sew!

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