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We are unable to make exceptions for our 3 hour booking minimum. Due to the logistical factors of travel, loading and unloading equipment, it is not economical for the company and it's employees to send them to a job that is for less than 3 hours.

Do I have to be home for the cleaning?

No, you are not required to be home for the cleaning. Our cleaners are excelent at self management of time and tasks. We can cordinate access to you home if you would like it to be locked before and after our time there.

Can my pets be there while you clean?

Yes, as long as your pets are generaly well mannered and do not obstuct us from doing our job. Clients are required to notify us if they have pets, how many and what types. Clients are liable for any harm, escape, or damages done due to behavioral issues. If you have an animal that may complicate our ability to clean please arreange for you pet to be crated or removed for the durration of the appointent. We do not provide pet care and can not relocate your pets for you durring the time of cleaning (crating, letting outseide, ect.)

Can I book for less than 3 hours?

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